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How we get paid

We’ve listed our fees right here because transparency and trust are fundamental to a successful relationship

Our clients find enormous value in bringing their financial planning and investment management under one roof so you can focus on what matters most (family, career, or changing the world).

The fee for our comprehensive service is based on your net worth as it is an easy to understand measure of the complexity of your financial circumstances and thus the potential value that we may add.

Client's Net Worth Monthly Fee
$0 - $799,999 $400
$800,000 and Above 0.05% of Net Worth (0.60% annually)

Our fee structure has benefits that you may not realize:
  • Fee Only  means that we never receive any compensation beyond your advisory fee (for just one example; if you need additional life insurance we we will not earn a commission)
  • Long term alignment of interests to see your entire financial picture grow, not just assets we manage on your behalf
  • We give advice on held away assets and investments that are not under our discretion because those assets are just as important to you
  • We have no financial incentive to move assets under our management so we are unconflicted to find the best place for your assets where you have the most favorable tax treatment. Sometimes that means moving assets out of accounts that we manage for you (imagine a traditional "financial advisor" telling you that!)
  • Reducing debt is just as important as growing your assets to us as it is to you as both have an equal impact on your overall net worth

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