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Fees & Process

How Does This Work?

Our proprietary financial planning process, The Wrought Roadmap, first helps you envision what your ideal life looks like if money wasn't an obstacle. 

From there, we provide recommendations on everything in your financial life and begin guiding your financial journey so you get closer to your ideal life, while also making sure you enjoy the ride.

Our services are for you if most of the following applies to your situation…

  • You have young children and/or expecting your first child
  • Your household income is greater than $200,000/year
  • You don't have the time to be proactive with your family's finances. You may enjoy managing your family's finances, but your time is best used in other ways
  • You have life transitions on the horizon for you like getting married, growing your family, moving, etc.
  • You have over $100,000 of student loan debt
  • You are a partner at a law firm
  • You are a medical professional at a Philadelphia area hospital system
  • You are a business owner/aspiring to be a business owner in the near future
  • You receive stock options/restricted stock through your employer
  • You need someone to quarterback communication and make introductions to other experts (CPAs, estate attorneys, life insurance agents, mortgage brokers, etc.)

Where Do You Start?

The Wrought Roadmap Process

We work with clients all across the United States from California to right here in South Jersey. Regardless of where you live, when you are a client, here is what you can expect from us:

1.Confirm We Are A Good Fit

A 30-minute virtual meeting so we can both determine if this could be a potential fit. We aren’t the right firm for everyone and we will happily refer you to a firm that may be a better fit for your needs.

2. Discuss How We Can Help

≤60-minute meeting where we better understand your needs and identify the value we can provide.

3. Email You A Proposal

We follow up with you to summarize how can help you, recommend the appropriate service model and provide the estimated fee if you were to sign on as a client.

4. Think It Through

Do you feel ready to improve your financial life? Here are some questions that you can ask yourselves:

  • Do we feel heard and understood?
  • Do we believe Wrought Advisors can help solve our financial problems?
  • Do we believe investing in this relationship will improve the likelihood of us accomplishing our goals?
  • Does Wrought Advisors seem credible, trustworthy and likable?

5. Let’s Get Started On Your Path To Financial Freedom!

We are lucky to be working with you! We begin by setting expectations and laying out the next steps.

Our Ongoing Service Model Process

Investment: $1,200 one-time upfront fee + fixed annual fee (paid monthly).

Here's a deep-dive into what our process looks like...

Upfront Work

We start by helping you get to the core of what is most important to you and what you want your money to accomplish for you. We then organize your financial life and provide initial recommendations specifically tailored to your unique money vision. Here's how it works after you sign up:

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1. Create Your Inspiring Money Vision


Set Direction For Your Money

A 2 hour discovery meeting helping you answer "What do we want our money to accomplish for us?"


  • Ask questions about your background, career, family, etc.
  • Guide you through a values discovery exercise
  • Help you begin taking guesses towards some long-term goals
  • Discuss your DataPoints Surveys and preferred communication methods


  • Be open and honest; have a drink and relax
  • Be engaged and asked questions
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2. Organize Your Financial Life


Organize Your Financial Life

A 90 minute meeting to link your accounts to your client portal, upload all relevant information to your secure vault, and manage your tasks.


  • Send you an organized list of the information we need from you
  • Help facilitate process of linking accounts, uploading information, and managing your to-dos


  • Link your financial accounts to your client portal so we can see your entire financial life in one place
  • Retrieve and upload various information to your client portal
Learn More

3. Present Our Initial Recommendations


Present Our Initial Recommendations

2 hour virtual initial review meeting to provide recommendations for your immediate problems... and more


  • Summarize your values and long-term guesses; make tweaks where needed
  • Provide snapshot of your net worth
  • Summarize income, spending and projected savings
  • Discuss investment strategy and recommended asset allocation
  • Consolidate student loan information and discuss repayment strategy
  • Identify tax bracket and tax saving opportunities
  • Summarize various insurance policies
  • Outline key components of your estate plan


  • Relax and be engaged. You probably haven’t seen your entire financial life in one place before!
  • Collaboratively identify short, mid and long-term priorities
Learn More

4. Prioritize and Start Implementing Action Items


Prioritize and Start Implementing Action Items


  • Provide an organized to do list
  • Identify immediate, mid-term and long-term priorities
  • Start implementing your financial plan
  • Make introductions to experts (estate attorney, CPA, etc.) when appropriate


  • Get started on your to-dos
Learn More

5. Review Our Progress


Review Our Progress

60-minute virtual check-in meeting after 60 days. Life gets busy so we keep you accountable.


  • Provide summary of work completed
  • Update to-do list
  • Brainstorm challenges and identify next steps


  • Reflect on your progress with to-dos

Implement, Monitor & Adjust

We meet at least two times per year to make sure you are in good financial health, completing the things you have agreed to, and making the appropriate adjustments based upon changes in your life. The only certainty is that things will change – your goals, your values, your career, etc. and we are here to help you navigate through those changes.

Financial planning is a continuous process instead of a one-time thing. It's important to set a long-term strategy, but that strategy should be broken into annual goals and adjusted to reflect life's changes.

Winter Meeting

Winter Meeting

90-minute virtual meeting

  • Review life planning timeline + establish priorities for upcoming year
  • Review one-page financial summary capturing net worth growth, annual savings + spending, asset allocation and work completed together
  • Establish and automate cash flow strategy for upcoming year; strike the balance between paying off debt, investing for the future and experiencing life now
  • Assist with tax preparation + review draft tax return
  • Discuss equity compensation strategy for upcoming year
  • Track spending since last meeting

Fall Meeting

Fall Meeting

90-minute virtual meeting

  • Advise upon employee benefits and open enrollment decisions
  • Run tax projections + review year-end tax planning strategies
  • Review spending and savings; make necessary tweaks to accomplish yearly savings goal
  • Run financial freedom projections in financial planning software; track progress
  • Review asset allocation of all investment accounts
  • Discuss travel plans for upcoming year and cost-effective ways to book
  • Annual review of "major" financial topic (estate plan, life insurance needs, debt refinance, etc.)

We provide proactive touchpoints and are highly responsive in between meetings. We prioritize spaciousness in our calendars so we are available when you need us most.

Interested in a one-time engagement?

Learn more about Wrought Starter Packs

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We invite you to stop worrying about your money and start investing in your financial future. Let's talk about how we can help alleviate your financial concerns and guide your journey to financial freedom.


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