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Wrought Insights for March 26 Thumbnail

Wrought Insights for March 26

Inflation Financial Planning

In This Edition: How March Madness is Like Investing, The Fed is Talking Tough on Interest Rates, and 25 Steps To Take Before Leaving A Job

How March Madness is Like Investing

March Madness is nearly upon us, and as many of us know, the season highlight for college basketball fans is often full of upsets, underdogs and blowouts. Like investing, filling out a bracket involves balancing risk, reward and expectations, and winning a pool ultimately requires a bit of luck along the way. Here are a few lessons from March Madness that we can apply to the world of investing.

The Fed is Talking Tough on Interest Rates

The Fed last week signaled a large and rapid increase in its policy rate over the next two years and struck a surprisingly hawkish tone, indicating it’s ready to go beyond normalizing to try to tame inflation. It’s easy to talk tough, and BlackRock believes the Fed is unlikely to fully deliver on its projected rate path. The reason? It would come at too high a cost to growth and employment. 

BlackRock believes the Fed either doesn’t realize its rate path’s cost to employment or – more likely – that it shows its true intention: to live with inflation. BlackRock thinks this is necessary to keep unemployment low because inflation is primarily driven by supply constraints and high commodities prices. Click to watch a short video.

25 Steps To Take Before Leaving A Job

The pandemic has led many individuals to consider leaving their jobs for new opportunities (or to take time away from work). But leaving a job is not always as simple as giving two weeks’ notice and bidding farewell to co-workers. In fact, there are several steps an employee can take to maximize the benefits they receive from their previous employer before leaving and to ensure a smooth transition to whatever awaits them in the future. A humorous and helpful read by Kitty of Bitches Get Riches.

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