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Week of October 18 Thumbnail

Week of October 18

Real Estate Taxes Crypto

In this week's edition: Pros and Cons of Investing in Real Estate, Tax Strategies for High-Income Professionals, and Crypto Currencies 101.

If You’re Seeking to Diversify, Is Real Estate a Good Investment?

According to realtor.com, the cost of purchasing a home in Haddonfield, NJ has increased by 20% percent in the last year and 16.2% nationwide. Alongside a steady drop in mortgage rates since 1981, this could leave investors wondering whether real estate is a good investment.

Tax Strategies for High-Income Professionals

Tax changes are looming with the potential passage of the Biden Administrations' American Families Plan. Preparing a strategy that is both advantageous and tax-efficient might feel daunting at first but thankfully there are some things you can do now to keep from overpaying this tax season.

A New Wrought Insights Series of Crypto Currencies

With Bitcoin hitting a new all new all time high this week, I think it is time we take a step back to have a conversation over the coming editions of Wrought Insights about Crypto Currencies. Let’s take it from the top with a nice introductory article by Jake Frankenfield for investopedia.com (scroll down for the short video if you don’t feel up to reading). 

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