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Reflections of a Summer Intern at Wrought Advisors Thumbnail

Reflections of a Summer Intern at Wrought Advisors

College Financial Planning Education

This summer, I had the pleasure of working with Andrew Mastro and Lisa Carr as a summer analyst intern at Wrought Advisors, a financial planning firm in Haddonfield, New Jersey. This internship has been my first professional workplace experience, where I greatly value and appreciate the information and knowledge I have gained in a rapid three month time period. Over the course of the internship, I was responsible for aiding in operational, service, and financial projects, where I was introduced to the complex platform of financial planning, and the many challenges of running a business. I believe the many aspects that I have had exposure to during the internship will provide extreme value in my professional career moving forward. During my time at Wrought Advisors, I extremely valued the exposure to business practices, practical knowledge, and interpersonal relationships related to clients that I was fortunate enough to have had.


One of the most valuable aspects of my experience at Wrought Advisors was learning about the many facets of entrepreneurship. It was extremely beneficial to witness Andrew’s managerial and organizational skills related to his business. Throughout the course of the summer, I assisted Andrew in various tasks that will improve the organizational aspects of the firm. Through these tasks, I was introduced to the inner workings of the company, and the immense effort it took to not only maintain processes put in place, but to also improve those processes to overall enhance the experience for clients. As a student, it was valuable to have exposure to the entrepreneurial skills needed for a business like Wrought Advisors, and will prove to be beneficial from a managerial and operational standpoint.

Financial Knowledge

Aside from the practicality of understanding the processes needed to run a business, is the comprehensive financial knowledge that is extremely useful over the course of one’s life. Due to the  nature of the firms’ financial planning, I came across many different scenarios surrounding personal finances. Analyzing situations and discussing possible solutions with Andrew, allowed me to understand these concepts on a deeper level through Andrew‘s guidance and knowledge backed by his wide range of experience in the industry. Being able to work alongside a financial planner with extensive certifications and a wealth of knowledge surrounding the industry and relevant topics, gave me a comprehensive understanding of a broad variety of financial planning subjects that will be of use over the balance of my life.


Lastly, the most valuable area of my internship experience was interacting with Wrought Advisors’ clients. I was afforded the opportunity to meet clients and understand their backgrounds, needs, and goals as well as provide solutions to problems has been a rewarding experience. Specifically, the interactions with clients and understanding who you are helping contributes an even stronger desire to improve and maintain my work ethic and provide meaningful solutions to those entrusting the firm with their goals. This also gave a great sense of responsibility and accountability for our clients, and in the answers we provide to them. Naturally, this led to an extensive pride in my work and research, which has overall enhanced my technical and soft skills. This is undoubtedly the most meaningful aspect of my time with Wrought Advisers and is something I will value in the remainder of my professional career, having been exposed to it at an early point in my life.

At the conclusion of my summer internship with Wrought Advisors, I reflect on the extent of information and knowledge I obtained. The aforementioned areas are in addition to a host of practical and meaningful skills I have learned over the summer, and provide a window into the broad range of material captured over a fantastic three month period. Not only have these areas provided me with additional knowledge, it has also made me a better worker, team member, and person, which is what I take away from my time with Wrought Advisors. Additionally, I owe and extend a huge thank you to Andrew and Lisa for their kindness and guidance over the summer. I look forward to keeping in touch with the team as I return for my third year at Penn State University.