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How do I download my student loan data?

When it comes to student loans, each client's situation is different. Pros like Wrought Advisors need high quality data on your loans so that we can perform a quality student loan analysis for you. Recent changes make it easy for you to share the type of detailed information that we love! You can now "Download My Aid Data" directly from studentaid.gov. 

Step 1:

Visit  https://studentaid.gov/ using your favorite web browser

Step 2:

On the Federal Student Aid homepage, click the Log In button

Step 3:

Enter your FSA ID and Password and click Log In.

Step 4:

Accept the disclaimers

Step 5:

Click View Details

Step 6:

Click Download My Aid Data to download the MyStudentData.txt file.

Step 7:

Read the warning message and click continue

Step 8:

The MyStudentData.txt will download to your computer. Pro-tip, usually hitting Control-J on your keyboard will open up your "downloads" folder.

Step 9:

Securely upload the MyStudentData.txt to Wrought Advisors using our secure file uploader or through your financial planning vault.