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How do I connect my bank account to Altruist?

You can link your bank accounts to your Altruist account for transfers via the mobile app.

From Settings

  1. Select “Settings” at the top right of your home screen in the Altruist app. 
  2. Navigate to “Banks” > “Accounts” to choose your checking account.  (While you can connect a savings account, typically a checking account is best.)
  3. When you have at least one Altruist account open and at least one bank account connected, they are ready to transfer funds! 

From Transfers

  1. Select the “Transfers” tab in the bottom navigation menu.
  2. Select “Deposit” or “Withdraw” option and Altruist brokerage account.
  3. Select an existing connected bank account or add a new one to transfer funds.

Please note regarding Chase accounts: When connecting your bank account via Plaid, Chase will display a "Virtual Account Number" in place of your regular bank account number. This is designed to protect you from potential fraud.